It’s the Leaning Tower that makes Pisa known into the world, arriving in the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli in fact the eye is immediately captured by the Tower, the experience of climbing on its top is incredible and absolutely not to be missed. The other monuments of the square are: the Cathedral and the Baptistery, but also the Cemetery and the Museum of the Opera del Duomo and the Museum of Sinopie. Enjoy a nice walk along the Arno and also reach the ancient Palazzo dell'Orologio and Piazza dei Cavalieri, once a place where the power of the city was accentuated and then the seat of the Knights of Santo Stefano. In the Palazzo della Carovana overlooking the square there is also the prestigious Scuola Normale di Pisa.

Another thing not to be missed in Pisa is the cecina, a sort of very thin savory cake made with only chickpea flour, oil, salt and water.

Every year in June in Pisa there are traditional events related to the celebration of the patron saint of the city: San Ranieri, worthy of note are in particular the Luminara, the Regatta of San Ranieri and the Game of the Bridge.


Pisa (PI) - Distance: 60 Km