Leonardo's Birthplace

Surroundedby the centuries-old olive trees of the Montalbano Slopes, in a landscape almost untouched by time, the house where Leonardo was born on April 15 1452,  is the destination of authentic cultural pilgrimages,undertaken by very large numbers of visitors each year, who are searching for the origins of the Genius.

On Leonardo’s house there is a new museum display which deploys the latest multimedia technology to offer a very “special”meeting with Leonardo and to present his paintings and drawings.

Where as the Leonardo Museum,in the town of Vinci itself, documents the work of Leonardo the inventor, the technologist and the engineer and the Leonardo Library,also in the town centre, focuses on specialized documentation, the house of his birth is now the place for getting to know Leonardo the painter.
In the small room next to the ticket office it will be possible to see and interact with The Last Supper; using the same application, a reconstruction of the Battle of Anghiari will shortly be completed. And finally, the visitor will be able to appreciate Leonardo’s famous paintings thanks to the Leonardo Touch application, which holds digital reproductions of Leonardo’s works.

Nowadays,we know almost everything about Leonardo, his private life and the relationship he had with his hometown remain less well-known aspects. And so it will be Leonardo himself, here in Anchiano, who welcomes visitors into the most intimate and personal part of his world: a life-size hologram  will lend its voice to an old and tired Leonardo who, from his final home in Amboise, looks back on the past and makes a virtual return to Anchiano to tell us of where he went and whom he met, what he studied and the eventsthat kept this area close to his heart.
The Arno Valley, the Fucecchio Marshes, Vinci and the Montalbano hills are often depicted in Leonardo’s maps and in hisfamous landscape drawings.