Cerreto Guidi

Cerreto Guidi


Cerreto Guidi is a town in the province of Florence, the town owes its name to the family of the Guidi Counts who long exercised power over the village. At the end of the XII-th century the Guidi family ceded the territory to the Republic of Florence, which decided to fortify Cerreto Guidi with an imposing ring of walls with towers and access gates, still partially visible today. In the sixteenth century the control of Cerreto Guidi was entrusted to the Medici family who carried out important building works, such as a sumptuous mansion. The town was also embellished with noble palaces and religious buildings that we can still admire. The most important monuments are the Pieve di San Leonardo, the Sanctuary of Santa Liberata and the Villa Medicea.

Among the numerous events taking place in Cerreto there is the traditional "Palio del Cerro" which takes place annually on the Friday before the first Sunday of September and which consists of a historical parade rich in medieval costumes that recall the lifestyle of the past, followed by a race between the four districts of the city.


Cerreto Guidi (FI) - Distance: 7.2 Km


Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi